What We Do For You

Lois Rix of Reflexology Kelowna offers foot reflexology treatments!

Enjoy an exceptional experience of healing and relaxation. A myriad of health benefits await you.

Essential oils are used to enhance your individualized treatment. The use of essential oils can be both profoundly simple and life changing at the same time. A beautiful palette of botanical energies, they can be used individually or blended for personalized essential oil therapies.

The addition of a 10 minute complimentary total body vibration session will also enhance your reflexology treatment.

Try it, You’ll like it!

Text or call me at  250-859-9664

Reflexology chart by Let Me Do Your Feet in Kelowna, BCFull Treatment – $55

3-session Package – $149

Summer Special –
Full Treatment – $55
Summer in the Okanagan goes on until Thanksgiving and so does this Summer Special.


What to expect!
You only need to remove your shoes and socks. We start with an assessment to determine goals and a plan for treatment. The stress cues on your feet allow me to design your personalized program for maximum benefits… your feet speak to me!

How often should I use reflexology?
To kick-start your body’s healing, regular sessions will be most beneficial. Three sessions within the first 10 to 12 days of treatment will maximise the benefits of reflexology. Reflexology can be used to relieve stress as often as required.

Who can use reflexology?
Everyone can use reflexology, from babies to the elderly. The effectiveness of the results that can be achieved, often after only one treatment, are amazing.

People who have not yet experienced the healing benefits and immense pleasure of reflexology find it hard to believe that something so enjoyable can also be so good for you! It is a whole body treatment as well as a fabulous foot massage.

  • Insurance claim forms are provided upon request. 

Pamper yourself in an healthy way or gift it to someone you love!